For Doors

Pleated Mosquito Net

  • Easy to open and can be left in any position.

  • Very quick and easy to install, with no building work, with small anchoring plates.

  • The mesh operates on polyester and strong thread with filament core on tension based technology.

Stitched Mosquito Net

  • Make sure there is no moisture or dirt before fixing the hook tape.

  • Gum tape is not suitable for painted walls/cement walls and used in wooden and aluminium doors.

Magnetic Doors

  • Blocks the Mosquitoes and Allow Fresh air and Cool breeze through the doors.

Sliding Doors

  • Made of stiff cotton or synthetic thread to allow the movement of air. 

  • Allows you to see mosquitoes against the background.

Fibre Glass Mosquito Net

  • Screen Door allows fresh air to come in and keeps mosquitoes out.

Stainless Steel Mosquito Net

  • Durable and breathable mesh helps to keep bugs, insects, mosquitoes, and flies out, and lets fresh air in.